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Checklists and Inspections

Faulty equipment causes injuries and loss of productivity

Master Checklists

Many to choose from

Create your own

Edit and update

Wide range of subjects

Project Specific

Import components from master

Edit to suit project or application

Tools, Vehicles, Equipment

Plant and machinery


Range of Audit lists

Design you own

Audit own system or sub-contractors

Daily, weekly, monthly or as required.

Faulty equipment is a hazard

Faulty equipment can cause accidents and injuries.

Avoid downtime and injuries by creating checklists which are specific to application.

Date reminders are used for renewals and ensuring service according to warranty. 


Master Documents

Arange of master documents are availavle to be used, edited or copied. No limit to length.

Project Checklists

These draw their information from the ,master documents so the master document remains unchanged.


General Checklists

First Aid

Stack and store

Fire equipment

Safety harnesses, etc.

vehicle checklist

Vehicles, Plant & Equipment

Monitor service  + license due

Mileage readings

Detailed vehicle specific checklist

Daily / weekly / monthly

site inspection

Site Inspection Checklists

Identify all hazards

Customise checklist to suit requirements

Accessible form mobile device

Take photos of site and add to checklist


Know what you are looking for?

Most Requested Topics:

Risk Assessment

Did you know you can build a risk assessment in 5 minutes?

Training Management

Training – the key to imporved health and safety

Checklists and Inspections

Dont get caught out by faulty equipment

Policy and Procedure

Are your sub-contractors safety compliant?

A simple specific checklist has a better chance of being done properly

Easy update customisation

– edit / update / print



Can be performed by the person responsible, or by a trained person.

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